Sectors of activity

  • International organisations involved in conflict resolution and crises
  • NGOs (Care International, Red Cross, Medicins sans frontieres, etc.)
  • Public and private institutions concerned with the management of social conflicts


Types of employment accessible

  • Head of Research, Head of Mission
  • Co-ordinator of humanitarian action
  • Logistician
  • Mediator
  • Diplomatic Council
  • Consultant


Job descriptions ROME

 (Operational Directory of professions and jobs of the "Pole Emploi")

  • M 1403 Studies and prospectives in Socio-economics
  • N 1301 Design and organisation of the supply chain
  • K 1405 Representation of the State on national or international territory

For any questions about your orientation (choice of diploma, courses, continuation of studies) or your professional integration (internship or job search, knowledge of businesses, labour market), help is available from the staff of SCUIO.



Alexis Tsoukias
Anouck Adrot
Aurélie Daher


Eve d'Allens


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