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Our main objective is to train brilliant professionals who will soon join national or international organisations, state or private institutions, NGOs, and all types of action-oriented structures dedicated to dealing with and managing political, socio-economic, and identity-related conflicts, and to engaging in pacifying initiatives.
The work of the Master’s programme in Peace Studies hence resides in providing inter-disciplinary training oriented towards managing crises of all sorts, preventing violence, and building long-lasting peace.
The globalised world is indeed still struggling with an incredibly large number of violent situations, that are characterised by a great deal of increasing complexity. If inter-nation conflicts are less common than a few decades ago, the list of sub-national and transnational violent tensions and face-à-faces is getting longer every day. The reasons are varied, whether economic, social, religious, ethnic, or else. Hence, there is a serious and urgent need for both international control and regulations, and the intervention of international organisations which could mobilise society at an international level.


Competences that you will learn with us

  • An in-depth command of international relations, international law, sociology
  • An in-depth command of model theorization (modelling, decision theory, negotiation, logistics, data analysis)
  • A strong competence in analysing conflicts in all its aspects, negotiating and building proposals for long-lasting solutions
  • A solid command in both finance and humanitarian logistics
  • Communication and writing skills, in French and English, and team work
  • Peace-oriented and mature awareness and sensitivity, inter-cultural management skills, and team spirit



Alexis Tsoukias
Anouck Adrot
Aurélie Daher


Eve d'Allens


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