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Equipe pédagogique

International Advisory Board

Before being nominated in October 2015 as Advisor to the President of the French National Commission to UNESCO, Sonia Bahri was the Head of the Sciences Policy programme at UNESCO and was the Executive Secretary of the L’Oreal/UNESCO Awards for Women in Science. She also led the UNESCO Chairs and UNITWIN programme for international cooperation in higher education and research with a special focus on sustainable development, education for a culture of peace, and entrepreneurship.

Sonia Bahri is author of numerous publications and articles in these areas and in other educational and sustainable development issues.

Dr Bahri holds a Ph.D in Economics from Pantheon-Sorbonne University. She also graduated in Political Sciences from the Institut d’Etudes Politiques de Paris, in Applied Economics from Paris-Dauphine University and has an advanced degree (DEA) in 20th century History.


Ishac Diwan is currently a research fellow at Paris Sciences et Lettres.  He taught previously at the Harvard University Kennedy School of Government and at New York University. He had several positions at the World Bank --  in the Research Complex, the Middle East department, the World Bank Institute, and in Addis Abeba then and Accra as the Country Director for countries in East Africa and then in West Africa. His current research interests include growth strategies, the political economy of private sector development, and the analysis of public opinions, with a special interest in Africa and the Middle East.

He directs the Economic and Political Transformation program of the Economic Research Forum.


Giorgio Gallo served as Professor of Operations Research at the Dept. of Computer Science from 1983 to 2012, when he retired. He continues to teach Decision Theory in the Peace Studies programme of the University of Pisa.

Gallo served as Department Chair of Computer Science, Director of the Interdepartmental Center “Sciences for Peace', and Chair of the undergraduate programme in Peace Studies.

His research activity has focussed on Optimization Methods and Models for Decision Problems, Ethical and Social Implications of Science and Technologies, and Models for Conflict Analysis and Resolution.


Invited Professors

  • Valentina Bartolucci (Universita di Pisa, Italy)
  • Martina Comes (Universitetet i Agder, Norway)
  • Ahmet Insel (Université de Galatasaray, Turquie)


Executive Committee

  • Anouck Adrot
  • Laetitia Bucaille
  • Beatrice Delzangles
  • el Mouhoub Mouhoud
  • Meltem Öztürk Escoffier
  • Alexis Tsoukiàs


Equipe pedagogique

  • Anouck Adrot
  • Valentina Bartolucci
  • Franck Bien
  • Eric Blanchot
  • Laetitia Bucaille
  • Martina Comes
  • James Cox
  • Beatrice Delzangles
  • Ishac Diwan
  • Fabio Furini
  • Bruno Giraudon
  • Frederic Gonan
  • Benjamin Gourisse
  • Pascal Guenee
  • Choukri Hmed
  • Ahmet Insel
  • Stefano Moretti
  • el Mouhoub Mouhoud
  • Elsa Negre
  • Meltem Öztürk Escoffier
  • Gabriella Pigozzi
  • Fabien Roques
  • Alexis Tsoukiàs
  • Baptiste Venet


The Nature of Decision-Making in Complex and Natural Disasters

18 mars 2015
Séminaire de Tina Comes, associate professor at University of Agder, Norway  April 1st,...

Présentation du M1 Affaires Internationales et Développement et du parcours Peace Studies

11 mars 2015
Vendredi 27 mars 2015 à 12 heures en Amphi 2/3 (2ème étage).

De l'assistance à l'autonomie, l'exemple de Solidarité Sorbonne en Haïti

3 mars 2015
Séminaire de Michele BLIN de l'Association Solidarité Sorbonne 25 mars 2015, à 13h45, salle:...
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