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The Peace Studies programme

The Peace Studies programme

The Peace Studies programme of mention Affaires internationales et dévelopment is a new course supported by PSL via a signed agreement between PSL, ENS ULM and Université Paris Dauphine.

This agreement allows us to offer scholarships to foreign students (see admission), to invite renowned foreign professors, to offer courses at ENS ULM and to provide various activities such as workshops and visits to foreign universities.


Presentation and objectives

In our time, we are unfortunately far from a stable position of worldwide peace.
The new globalised world is characterised by a number of conflicts at the national and international level. Such conflict situations have become increasingly complex. More and more often they arise due to internal tensions within nations, and the grounds for violence are multiple: economic, social, religious, ethnic, etc. For this reason there is a growing demand for

  • On the one hand, international controls and regulations
  • On the other, the intervention of international organisations to mobilise civil society at the international level

The Peace Studies programme (M1 + M2) aims to provide valuable training for crisis management, for prevention of violence and for peace building, and insight into [the causes and outcomes of?] conflict situations.

It is one of the premier French programmes in the field of Peace Studies.

Due to the nature of the subject, the Master in Peace Studies is interdisciplinary and is especially aimed at students of Economics, Political Science, Management, Philosophy, Sociology and Computer Science.

This interdisciplinary aspect is exhibited by the teaching staff, which is also multinational. Our lecturers come from our partner institutions listed below.


Academic Partners

Preferred partners:

Ecole Normale Supérieure Sciences et Lettres,

Center of Peace Studies (Università di Pisa, Italie),

Department of Homeland Security Center of Excellence CCICADA (Rutgers University, USA)



Dual diploma

A double degree with Università di Pisa, Italie was signed.

Link : http://pace.unipi.it



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