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Objectives - Expertise


Objectives - Expertise

To create the future professionals required for the integration of international and national organisations, public or private, NGOs, public and private institutions for the management of social conflicts, and to engage in actions for peace.

The Master in Peace Studies programme aims to provide interdisciplinary training, valuable for crisis management, prevention of violence, peace building and conflict transformation.
A growing number of conflicts at the national or international level characterise our new, globalised, world with more complex conflict situations.
This is why there is growing demand for, on one side, international controls and regulations and, on the other, the intervention of international organisations to mobilize the international civil society.


Taught skills

  • In depth knowledge of international economics, international law, sociology and diplomacy;
  • Mastery of formal approaches: modelling, decision theory, negotiation, logistics, data analysis;
  • Capability to analyse a conflict in all its components, to negotiate and develop proposals for resolution;
  • Mastery of humanitarian logistics;
  • Awareness and sensitivity skills required to maintain peace, intercultural management skills;
  • Mastery of the specifics of Microfinance;
  • Communication skills and writing, in French and English, and teamwork.